.Software Developer.

Snowboarding, astronomy, space exploration, House (the TV show), and Coup are all awesome!

  • DrawTogether is a collaborative real-time paint application. It uses websockets, with the server written in Java, and the client written using JavaScript. Users in the same room will be able to see each other draw in real time. Rooms are wiped when no users are left in the room. This project is a work in progress.

  • nodeGTFS is a small node.js script that periodically downloads full General Transit Feed Specification(GTFS) formatted data and allows basic queries using a RESTful API, in order to provide modularized data to a client.

  • webVAB is a web application, written with PHP and JavaScript, making use of WebGL. It allows players to upload and share their spaceships from the game, Kerbal Space Program. This project has been put on hold, due to possible copyright issues with game textures, forcing me to render the ships as colored geometry rather than complete models.

  • Hex Infect is a simple Android game, where the goal is the spread the colors to "infect" the entire board with one color in the allowed number of steps.

  • N-body problem Combining my interests in both astronomy and programming, I wrote a simulator in ActionScript3 using verlet integration that models a solar system, complete with a moon.